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Spark the Excitement
of Discovery!

1-6 grade textbook and online

curriculum for home and school

Discover curriculum is the perfect blend of textbook, online and hands-on activities that encourage a spirit of independence and discovery.


From story, to illustration, to hands-on activities, Discover! helps students connect math to the real world while building essential skills.


Gives young minds the freedom to explore, play, and find wonder in the world of science.


Discover! English Language Arts helps kids get excited about the world of language and reading while connecting instruction to the world around them.

Social Studies

Students explore the world around them through engaging text, colorful illustrations, real world connections and critical thinking exercises.

Keeps Kids Engaged and Hungry for More

Our colorful textbooks with modern aesthetics and up-to-date images capture children’s attention, making learning both fun and memorable. Engaging activities and real-world connections help bring the lessons to life, ensuring that students remain actively involved in their educational journey.

Develops Independent and Critical Thinking

Discover! is specifically crafted to encourage and nurture independent and critical thinking skills in students. We believe that developing these skills is crucial for success in the ever-changing world, and our curriculum fosters a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Makes Learning Fun through Exploration and Discovery

We know that giving kids freedom to make discoveries and connect learning to life builds confidence and creates a lifelong love for learning. That’s why exploration and discovery are built into every lesson!

Personalize Learning with Optional Projects and Activities

Every lesson includes special sidebar activities that provide real world connections, opportunities to review key concepts and skills, dig deeper into topics, and explore beyond the page. Kids choose what fits them as they move through each lesson.

Gives Parents Confidence with
Easy-to-Follow Instructor Guides

Fully developed, one-to-one instructor guides make it easy to keep students on pace, create deeper conversations, and provide additional activities and challenges that leverage their unique strengths.

Student First Every Step of the Way

Homeschool-Friendly, Student-First Curriculum that Inspires the Whole Family

Parents will gain the confidence to educate their children with a curriculum program designed, from the ground up, for the homeschool environment.

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