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Today's learners are:



Eager to Discover New Things!

Effective learning design must shift from delivery of knowledge to a focus on understanding, critical thinking, ability to distinguish fact from fiction, and mastery of essential 21st century skills. The Discover! Instructional Design framework leverages the neuroscience of learning paired with research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of today’s unique learners.

This Framework Includes

Scenario-based Learning

Connect learning to life by presenting a problem to solve, leveraging the power of the unexpected, and inspiring action.


Research shows our brains process visuals 83% more effectively than text alone. With Discover!, concepts and skills are both taught and reinforced through visual lessons and hands-on activities.


When students connect new learning to prior knowledge, they can better process, understand, and apply their learning. Discover! reinforces prior learning and connects it to new concepts and skills through practice, repetition, and hands-on activities.

Critical Thinking

Students develop critical thinking and analysis through creative questions, guided analysis, and application of concepts and skills with extensive problem-solving practice and learning challenges.

Character Building

Discover! seeks to develop learners who are conscious of the world around them, confident in themselves, and adept at working with and supporting others. With built-in activities to develop social and emotional skills, along with rich instructor-led conversations and lesson enhancements, students become citizens who will make a difference in the world.
Discover! is part of a family of brands under Edovate Learning Corp., a creative, innovative leader in personalized education and edTech solutions whose vision is to positively impact the future through transformative learning that inspires students to pursue their excellence. Edovate is also the parent company of Bridgeway Academy, Elephango, and Curriculum Express and has been a trusted partner for educators, homeschooling families, and schools across the United States and around the world since 1989.

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