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Textbook Curriculum for the Home and School

Discover! curriculum for the home and school is a favorite
for students, parents, and teachers around the world! 


Discover! Science curriculum for grades 1-6, challenges young learners to dive into the world of science with a spirit of exploration, curiosity, and investigation. Students enjoy experiments, critical thinking activities, and lessons that connect learning to the real world as they dig into life, physical, and earth science topics.

Social Studies

In the Discover! Social Studies curriculum young learners will explore topics in geography, culture, history, and community while connecting learning to real life. From family, to local, regional, and  global communities, to important historical people and events, students dig into topics that help them better understand the world around them.

English Language Arts

Discover! ELA curriculum is all-inclusive and covers reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing and literature–all combined to help kids enjoy both the art and science of language.


In the Discover! Math curriculum, young learners will build essential skills, master math foundations, and explore exciting topics in math that connect the why and how to real life scenarios.