Discover! Online Learning for Grades 1-6

We’ve created this blended option for Discover! to include online learning interaction, valuable neuroscience-proven student worktext instruction, and pencil/paper activities.

Discover! Online, powered by Bridgeway Academy, allows students to start each day online where fun characters guide them through what to do each day.  The student worktext activities challenge students to think critically, express their thoughts and ideas, and complete fun projects that allow them to express who they are. 

Student Love Blended Learning

Fun Characters that Guide Students Through Each Course

Your students get to know characters like Lonnie the Lemur, Pierre the Frog, Julie the Grasshopper and many others who guide them through each lesson and add personality and fun. 

Interactive Activities that Keep Kids Engaged

Online interactives help kids absorb, process, and integrate new information in fun and creative ways. 

Faith Connections that Develop a Biblical Worldview (Upon Request)

Discover! Faith Connections are an optional addition to your online learning experience. Faith Connections challenge kids to take learning one step further and analyze new information from a Biblical worldview.  

Critical Thinking Activities that Help Them Connect Learning to Life

Students will engage in online activities designed specifically to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills and answer the question, “Why is this important?” 

Easy to Follow Pacing that Creates Independent Learners

Discover’s easy online interface makes staying on track easy. Easily view what’s on deck for today, this week, or look ahead to the full school year. As your schedule changes, your online learning schedule can change with you.